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Unsigned | Unrest is a compilation album of amazing bands all in the act of charity. 100% of the profit's made from this album will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

1. The Agony Family - Autumnatic
2. The Winter Passing - Nowhere Still
3. Battle Born - The Killers
4. Kut U Up - Fine Columbians
5. Northern Whale - O
6. The Howls - Girl's Night
7. House of Fools - Superjam
8. P.K. Workman - When Your Memory Comes Around (Demo)
9. Mike Felumlee - Your Favorite Song
10. Those Mockingbirds - We are the Antidote (acoustic)
11. Over It - Anyday
12. Socratic - A Better Place is Waiting
13. Neveready - You're Gonna Find Out Soon (Llama Man)

Bonus tracks
14. Socratic - Drag Show
15. Northern Whale - You Wanna
16. Kut U Up - Make it Out Alive
17. The Agony Family - Autumnatic (acoustic)

Broken Heart Records | Believe In Something (H.O.C) | and Burlington Art / Music Foundation have teamed up together to help make this idea and concept a reality.

The idea started with Will Keenum founder of BA/MF on the fact that music can save your life, and can even help save another.

Compilation albums have always been a great utility to open your ears to something new and refreshing in the music industry, and have been watered down and forced into a dying breed in recent years.

Our release from audio to visual presentation has been crafted to detail to make sure that it's pure art with all heart put into it, while making a positive impact on helping save lives for an amazing cause.

(If there is truly one thing that on the Burlington Art / Music Foundation aspect of this project it is "always stand up and fight for what you love and believe in."
-Will Keenum)

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